We want to be able to provide you with thorough healthcare
and gain all of the needed information to best treat you. In
order for this to happen we ask that you:

1. Please be home at the designated two-hour time frame given to you for your visit.

2. Please have all medications ready when provider arrives for your visit.

3. Please have any recent hospital or other medical
visit /procedure records available.

 4. If the provider arrives and you are not home this is considered a “no show” and two no shows may lead to a discharge.

5. It is important for the doctor to see you monthly if you need controlled substance prescriptions refilled. A “no show” may cause delay in refills.

7. . Please utilize office hours for refill requests and general needs.

8. Please call in prescription needs 5 days before you are out of the medication.

Call (469) 399-3080 for more information.